Deadline Extended:

Please vote YES by October 8. We'll keep you posted on our blog.

This September, Glenwood Estates homeowners have the opportunity to affect the single biggest positive change in our 50 year history. Through a formal neighborhood vote, you can help correct oversights in our founding documents. This long-overdue course correction will empower all homeowners with a number of benefits, including:

  1. A no strings attached membership and a voice in the direction of the Glenwood Estates Homeowners' Association.
  2. The right to require each and every homeowner to pay their fair share in our modest annual dues.
  3. A streamlined process for revising and legally enforcing our badly outdated By-Laws and Restrictions.

More than anything, this vote is designed to give you, our member homeowners, the power to keep our neighborhood on track. 

By now, all homeowners have received a letter detailing the current situation and the method by which we can rectify it once and for all. We're committed to keeping this as simple as possible for you, so Street Captains are delivering formal ballots as well as stamped envelopes to each home. The overview letter, official ballot and a link to our Street Captain directory are also provided below. We have also provided a 6 year view of our dues and expenses, reflecting the very slim margin by which we too often operating.

So please vote YES on the ballot's three revisions by October 8, and let's see what we can accomplish together.

I realize there may be questions about this initiative and I am committed to making myself available to you. Please contact me directly at any time, and thank you in advance for voting YES to claim your proper rights as a Glenwood Estates homeowner.

Mail ballots to:  
Glenwood Estates Association
PO Box 433
Glen Carbon, IL  62034

Brian Cameron
President, Glenwood Estates Association
618.288.2921 |
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