Neighborhood Town Hall, Part 1

Several neighbors gathered last night at the Park Pavilion to discuss the upcoming vote. A spirited discussion occurred with a healthy amount of information, disagreement and debate. Those in support of the effort voiced their desire to finally set our documents right moving forward. The most common concern expressed among those opposed to the effort was reluctance to honor the current By-Laws and Restrictions once they are legally enforceable.

If a homeowner votes YES for Revision 1, they are effectively agreeing that they are a Member and are bound by the rules of the subdivision. Many of those rules have been bent and broken through the years relative to sheds, fences and other items. Some worried that if this measure passes, the Association would immediately go on the offensive, asking homeowners to remove sheds, tear down fences and try to make retroactive changes. 

This is not our intention whatsoever. We are 100% committed to moving forward in good faith together with our member homeowners.

Our Board members are homeowners too. This is not a witch hunt and we will continue to work hard to partner with homeowners through this transition. Again, everyone will benefit when we work together to resolve these challenges. Reasonable flexibility will be required until we agree as voting members on the new Restrictions that will be drafted in the weeks following a successful YES vote.

It's clear that our measures have tremendous support among the majority of homeowners, but we ask those who have doubts to communicate with us for clarification before casting a NO vote.

Together, let's consider a common-sense grace period to bridge the gap between this vote and our new Restrictions in a good faith effort wherein all parties - homeowners and the Board - agree to compromise.

Often, the greatest compromises occur when we meet people in the middle. Our great country is a study in that very fact.

Looking forward to next Monday's conversation.