Changing Mindsets

"You won't get my vote."

Tonight, I received a call from a resident who has lived in Glenwood Estates since 1985. He began the conversation by telling me why he doesn't pay his dues and why he won't support this vote. He was angry with the way the Board handled some issues on his street in the past and he didn't believe anything would change in the future.

We spoke for nearly 30 minutes and I heard him loud and clear. I understand his anger. But we cannot change the past. It has been a vicious cycle. Because of oversights in our By-Laws and Restrictions, our Board has never had the appropriate authority to enforce the rules in a court of law. So a small minority breaks the rules without any real penalty while residents who follow those rules get upset and refuse to support the board. 

Make no mistake:  we can get it right for the future of the neighborhood.
It starts with just three YES votes.

A successful vote ensures improved enforcement with true legal grounds. Dues collection will increase to keep up with inflation and for neighborhood investments and more. And perhaps most importantly, each and every homeowner will become a member of the Association with the authority to help us rewrite, revise and amend the rules to better reflect our needs in the neighborhood today and in the future.

We turned a corner when I asked him "How can we ever begin to make positive change if homeowners refuse to allow it?" By the end of the call, this gentleman and I were largely on the same page and I believe we have earned his YES vote.

So if you or a neighbor you know are upset, angry or apathetic about this critical vote, please reach out to me directly so that we can have a conversation about how we can set a new course together.

After all, sometimes it's just about changing mindsets.