Postponing the Restrictions Amendment Vote

We are postponing the Sunday, December 11 vote to amend Glenwood Estates’ restrictions to a date to be determined in the spring.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but feel that postponing will provide for improved language, a longer homeowner review period for the proposed amendments, and greater attendance at the vote itself.

Getting it Right
Since the close of the resident survey, the Glenwood Estates Association has been working on amended Restrictions that reflect the desires of most Glenwood Estates homeowners. In changing 50-year-old documents for the first time, it’s important that this is a thoughtful process and vital that the language be reasonable, specific and clear. It is challenging, but essential that we get it right.

More Time for You to Review
Current bylaws require any proposed amendments to be shared with Residents for a minimum of 10 days prior to a vote. Our goal is also to provide you with a longer period of review, and postponing this vote should allow us to give you significantly more time to review the proposed amendments once they are ready.

Improving Attendance
We have also heard your feedback about past votes. Some were critical of the January 2016 vote to raise dues, citing concerns about poor attendance due to the threat of inclement weather. We are committed to being fair and inclusive in this most important vote, and a spring time vote eliminates challenges presented by winter weather and busy holiday schedules.

Next Steps
Once we have the final language for the proposed amendments, we will share those amendments with all homeowners, along with a new date for the vote this spring. We will also provide proxy forms for any homeowners unable to attend in person.

We will be posting this message on our website, on Facebook and via our email newsletter as well as on the entrance sign. Please help spread the word to residents who may not be online.

Thank you for your understanding in this important matter.
The Glenwood Estates Association