Neighborhood Vote Results

The Glenwood Estates Homeowner’s Association is pleased to announce the conclusion and results of our neighborhood vote. We want to first take an opportunity to thank homeowners for their participation in this important process.

Late in the process, we learned that homeowners in Sherwood on the Lake are bound by the Restrictions of their own separate Sherwood on the Lake Association. And while Sherwood on the Lake homeowners are required to be dues-paying Members of not only their own Association, but also the Lake Hillcrest Corporation and the Glenwood Estates Association, the process for amending their Restrictions must be initiated and conducted by their own Association. As such, votes collected from Sherwood on the Lake homeowners will not be counted as part of this initiative. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion; however, this does not impact the outcome of the Glenwood Estates vote.

The provision for amending Glenwood Estates’ Restrictions reads:

“This restriction agreement may be modified and amended at any time the agreement is in force by suitable instrument executed and acknowledged by two-thirds of the then owners of the lots in said subdivision and duly recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Madison County, State of Illinois.” 

Removing the 19 lots comprising Sherwood on the Lake, Glenwood Estates and its seven additions contain 257 lots. Therefore, 172 votes in favor of any revision represents the two-thirds of lot owners required overall for amendment. To safely achieve two-thirds majority in each section requires 175 votes, rounding the fractions. In the course of our four-week vote, we received 230 ballots from residents in the eight sections voting, representing 89% of lot owners. 

Ballots were independently tabulated by Glenwood Estates Association President Brian Cameron and Treasurer Linda Bailey. Ballots, calculations and legal affidavits certifying these counts will be provided and/or signed as needed to record the outcome with Madison County.

Revision 1 stated:

I agree that as a homeowner in Glenwood Estates, I shall be required to be a member of the
Glenwood Estates Homeowner’s Association (the “Association”) and agree that as of the date
hereof, (i) I am hereby a member of the Association; and (ii) am bound by the ByLaws of the
Association (the “By­Laws”), as hereinafter amended.

Of the 230 ballots received, 31 opposed and 1 abstained while 198 voted in favor of the Revision, representing 77% of lot owners in approval. The Revision passes.

Revision 2 stated:

I agree that all members of the Association shall be required to pay the annual dues as outlined in the applicable Restrictions of record and By­Laws.

Of the 230 ballots received, 23 opposed while 207 voted in favor of the Revision, representing 81% of lot owners in approval. The Revision passes.

Revision 3 stated:

I agree that the ByLaws and Restrictions may be changed by a 2/3 vote of all attending
members of a special meeting of the Association.

Of the 230 ballots received, 40 opposed and 1 abstained while 189 voted in favor of the Revision, representing 74% of lot owners in approval. The Revision passes.

Of ballots received, 86% voted in favor of Revision 1, 90% in favor of Revision 2, and 81% in favor of Revision 3. Additionally, all three Revisions passed by a 2/3 or greater majority in each of Glenwood Estates’ eight sections. 

View detailed results here.

This week, we will work to legally record these Revisions with the Recorder of Deeds for Madison County.

Next Steps

  1. As promised, we will soon distribute a brief survey that homeowners may complete and return by mail or online.
  2. Survey results will provide us with direction for drafting proposed amendments to our Restrictions.
  3. Once the amendments are drafted, the Association will share the proposed amendments with homeowners along with at least 10 days notice of a special meeting called to ratify the amendments.
  4. Members present at special meeting will vote to ratify or reject the amendments. We will provide proxy voting details for those who wish to vote but are unable to attend the meeting.

We look forward to working with our Member homeowners now and in the future.